Building Better Businesses
for a Better WOrld

One Planet VC invests primarily in innovative, high growth Seed, Series A or later stage entities. Our focus is on companies that aspire to the concept of ‘Innovation x Intention,’ to foster the powerful combination of business success and positive social impact.

Core Principles

The core principles of the One Planet Framework are:

innovation x intention



Importance of diversity, equity, justice and inclusion



Recognition of the inherent nobility of humanity



Taking into consideration the consequences of one’s actions



Contributing towards an ever-advancing civilization

What makes us unique?

Our goal is to help great ideas from high capacity entrepreneurs build into successful, sustainable businesses, while integrating and promoting an ethos of responsible social impact and developing businesses that serve as a source of good. Read more..

What do we seek in founders?

One Planet VC is looking for high capacity founders with businesses that have a massive opportunity for success. One Planet VC has a deep understanding of, and experience investing in transformative industries such as the future of mobility, disruptive technology, marketplaces and media. We also invest in other industries with companies that share similar values to ourselves. Read more...


20 years of early-stage investment experience led to the creation of One Planet VC. Notable former investments by One Planet Ventures include:

Investment Team

Payam Zamani

Founder & General Partner

Jenna Nicholas

Vice President

Armita Rostamian

Member, Investment Committee

Member, Investment Committee

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